A website for the descendants of J. W. Wells of Menominee, Michigan

J. W. Wells was a lumberman of the early 20th Century who operated out of Menominee, Michigan. He had six children: Daniel, Florence, Artemus, Edna, Alfred and Ralph. These pages tell his descendants about J.W.'s life and times, the lives of his six children, and the identity and whereabouts of all the subsequent generations up to this day (for privacy reasons, addresses and birthdays are not shown). Your updates and corrections are welcome. Welcome to the story of this man and his family -- our family.

   Summer in Riverside Cemetry, Menominee

Contents of this site

Early Wells History
Did you know your ancestors came from England in 1635? Read this and more in Peter Wells' early history of the Wells family, written June 2011.

Who was J. W. Wells?  
Two accounts of his life story -- from a Menominee newspaper and a 1911 history book.

Family tree
J.W.'s descendants wouldn't all fit on one page. The first page shows the first three generations. Below that tree diagram are links to additional pages showing all the later generations. (Due for an update!)

Memories of a Menominee Wells
Notes on growing up in Menominee, written in 2001 by the late Tom Wells

An obituary for the lumber company  
A 1966 newspaper article marks the end of an era in logging.

Wells family gravestones
At Riverside Cemetery in Menominee.

Photo gallery  
Numerous photos of J.W., Isabella, their offspring, Menominee and more. Added in June 2010: Wellses on camels in Egypt, 1901. How adventurous!

The great fire
Photos from the fire of April 13, 1931 that burned down the huge J. W. Wells Lumber Co. mill and parts of Menominee (Updated: Oct. 15, 2010)  See story and photos

Did you know?
Random but interesting info about the Menominee Wellses

Last of her generation
Mary Walsh Yates, the last surviving member of the second generation of J.W.'s descendants, died on Sept. 28, 2008, at age 88. Details

Your comments
A place for your comments and additional information (Updated 9-20-2011)

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