Who was J. W. Wells?

photo-jwJ. W. Wells was a lumberman of the early 20th Century who operated out of Menominee, Michigan. He had six children: Daniel, Florence, Artemus, Edna, Alfred and Ralph. These pages tell his descendants about J.W.’s life and times, the lives of his six children, and the identity and whereabouts of all the subsequent generations up to this day. Welcome to the story of this man and his family — our family.

One thought on “Who was J. W. Wells?”

  1. I roomed w/his gson Wm. P. Wells while in the Army 1955 outside Washington , DC. I just found out he was adopted! We took the same girl out & followed me to Germany. She married well (twice) and I saw her a few years ago in Florida but her e-mail has gone dead and presumably her too. He was a lot of fun and played for the Army team. I’d like to e-mail photos to his children if I knew their e-mail. Gerry in FL.

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