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jw-wells-youngJ. W. Wells

photo-jwJ. W. Wells


Isabella Crawford Wells and all six of her and J.W.’s children
Back: Daniel Wells, Florence Wells Law
Middle: Alfred T Wells, Isabella Crawford Wells, Artemus C Wells
Front: Ralph Wells, Edna Wells Walsh

(Photo above from the collection of the late Mary Walsh Yates, provided by her daughter Sharon Yates Ewer. Caption identifying family members by Bruce Gerber)


Isabella Crawford Wells (date unknown) (From the collection of Mary Walsh Yates)

Below: A 1947 photo of J.W.’s children and their spouses (Caption is by Daniel Wells). (Special thanks to Bruce Gerber for retrieving it from Historical Society archives in Menominee and sharing it. — BW)


yacht-isabella-1908One of a succession of Wells Family yachts, the Isabella, photographed in 1908. (From the photo collection of Mary Walsh Yates)

JW-Wells-at-GizaThe J.W. Wellses in Egypt, 1901. They traveled in the company of Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Jones, who were also Menominee residents but later moved to Tacoma, Washington. (From Daniel Wells photo collection)

edna-and-florence-1892Sisters Edna and Florence Wells, 1892 (From the collection of Mary Walsh Yates)

The pictures below that have captions in quotes were provided by Dooley Worth, of Saint Simons Island, Georgia. Dooley grew up in Menominee. Family connection: her father was the older brother of Dorothy Worth, wife of J. W. Wells II.

uncle john's father's lumber mill menominee“Postcard photo of the J. W. Wells Lumber Company”

great aunt hattie's house across the street“Great Aunt Hattie’s [wife of Artemus (A.C.) Wells] house taken long after she lived there. (I used to go to have tea with her … wearing gloves … and she gave me postage stamps to take home.)”

john and tilly wells at burke's costume party“John Wells II and Dorothy at a costume party at Jackie and Marty Burke’s.”

Sam and Betty Wells (or, more formally, Samuel Artemus Wells and Francise Elizabeth Bertles Wells), possibly at the same costume party. (Photo provided in 2018 by Rita Wells Klaus of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Rita is daughter of Sam and Betty and granddaughter of A.C. Wells and Hattie Lou Stephenson.)

johnny wells age 13 mos.“John W. Wells III as a toddler.”

four-kids“John W. Wells III, Rita Wells, Jean and Dooley Worth at John’s birthday in 1947.”

tom welles snow sculpture at the wells house“Tom Wells building a snow totem in front of what I believe was Artemus’ house with my father and sister admiring.”

billy petit wells playing football“Billy Wells playing football in Menominee.”

dorothy“Dorothy Worth in front of Wells house when she was in high school.”