Did you know?

J.W. Wells State Park
A beautiful park north of Menominee on Green Bay is located on land donated by the Wells Family. You can learn more about it in the State of Michigan’s state parks directory.


Wells history in Memominee’s history museum
menchurchA lot of Menominee’s lumber-days history, and even furnishings from J.W.’s house, can be found on display at the Menominee County Historical Museum, a very interesting place to visit. Of particular note: a giant drawing of the night the lumber company burned down in 1932.

About this website
Why this website? It came from my discovering that my nieces and nephews knew little about their Wells Family history, and they were curious.
The logo. In case you’re not up on your Michigan geography, the blue image above in the upper-lefthand corner is Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, with Menominee County in red. If you’re a J.W. descendant and didn’t recognize it, shame on you!